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Right now not the number one Hungarian substack, but I think by far the best Hungarian politics translator to English on the internet. I'm a little bit bored of these summarized Hungarian political articles, but the reason is because I've been living here for thirty years, and I've consumed more Hungarian political content than the average, so enough is enough... 😃 (I'm waiting for your take on Elon Musk... 😃)

High quality articles here, you should get a section on a big political site to write, but you have no filter etc., and we are not living in a dream world, where everybody instantly becomes what they want to be... (We have to fight for it!)

That would not even be you... You are the type of guy who is building and empire from nothing, so lessgo! 💪🏿

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Share, share, share, I'm doing my part!

Musk thing is coming, but part 1/3 is already at 16K characters, after the split.

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“Action Slav” is a pearler. You have the chops, George. Reading you makes me clevererer.

This is another post with insight and analysis I can’t find elsewhere. Much appreciated.

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Do you know anything about the public activities of the US Embassy in Hungary? How have those activities been received by Hungarians?

I read in Hungary Today that the current ambassador is not particularly diplomatic.

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The US Embassy is an afterthought. If it disappeared tomorrow, 99% of the network already in place would still be here. (See: Trump's Orban-friendly ambassador, Cornstein, had zero effect on Western pressure on Hungary).

This is the big deal:


Here I feature a fangirl article about the new ambassador, who's a known value:


And I also gave him a mention here:


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