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I would watch the Fidesz vs. Facebook fight. I’m not sure about who would win… I think Fidesz could win it, but I think they will be on their biggest decline in popularity, because they're drive themselves into a hole with their opinion on the Ukranie-Russia war… "Peak Fidesz" could win that…

We had SZDSZ from 2002 to 2010 who were the "glacier” in the government position, (that's why Orban is always winning in Hungary...) and the Hungarian immune system after that is strong enough to survive some fb fact checkers banning the whole of Fidesz and Viktor "the voice of the people” Orban from their platform…

Probably they would put up billboard ads in the whole country that said: "Zuckerberg and the liberal lizards trying to interfere with our election…” That's it: Fidesz win via KO. (By Right hook)


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In any case that would be a shitshow. However, as it looks, Silicon Valley might be in need of any ally it can get within the EU against Brussels, because the latter is increasingly bossy.

There's money and power to be gained from the other side of the Atlantic in being the bad boy of the EU.

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