One thing that's always puzzled me since 2020 is why Trump didn't invoke his own executive order 13848, which he signed in 2018, presumably because he had knowledge of what might happen in future elections. This would have given him a raft of emergency powers to seize evidence and launch an investigation into the results of the elections, especially in swing states. Instead, he relied upon the courts which he must have known would not find in his favour. Sidney Powell urged him to do so, but he didn't. Why do you think he refused?

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Nov 12, 2022·edited Nov 12, 2022Author

In 2017, three months or so into his presidency, Trump bombed an empty airfield in Syria. The week that followed was his peak popularity by the US hard power establishment. Only downhill from there.

He was in a vacuum. He was sidestepped, tossed under the bus by his own people, etc. etc. No wonder MAGA wasn't fun beyond election night, 2016.

Why wasn't The Wall built? Especially between 2017-2019, when the House, the Senate and the White House was Republican?

Trying to answer that single question should bring even newcomers some well-needed clarity over the state of democracy in the US, and who holds the real power (hint: not the people). I for one had experienced enough dread over this topic to leave it to people to discover this for themselves.

So back to his executive order: did anyone ever care about it? Whatever power he had on paper was sabotaged during the execution by the managerial elite and all the other elites. Trump's will was dismissed the moment it left the Oval Office. By 2020 he was well aware of this, probably the last person to be so.

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