I FOMOd into worse things with more money.
You don't need a supercomputer for machine learning. You don't need "the cloud". Small neural networks are picking up speed, and they have a long way to…

February 2023

I predict a 90% White Collar career erasure in 3 years. And the language barrier won't protect you.
New York Times' Reader Pick comments reveal a serious mental health problem among (wannabe) elite American Liberals.
And a few featured comments. And my 2 paprikas. In the end, we’ll all be fucked by the robots.
Using film from U.S. spy balloons to take pictures of the Moon

January 2023

A great Hungarian thinker has just passed.
The market is irrational, but it's no excuse to be delusional.
Venomous pride and a provincial social scope turns Hungarian wannabe cosmopolitans into cancerous social media wrecks.
The Second World has one huge competitive advantage right now, and Hungary is making full use of it.

December 2022

Some scenery from lake Balaton, Hungary's inland sea, for the holidays.
It's the end of the year, time for a retrospective.