[Fragile Fidesz: Techno-Managerial Class 1/3] A critical vulnerability that reactionary forces from the Right face regarding institutional capture and…
I predict a 90% White Collar career erasure in 3 years. And the language barrier won't protect you.
Hungary's new anti-LGBTQ laws and their purpose
The Second World has one huge competitive advantage right now, and Hungary is making full use of it.
Are you a fool if you care about America in the colonies? Yes and no.
Someone important died, and we suddenly had an unexpected European Culture Week. We need more of this!
Don't bother to remember the name of the Bulgarian prime minister. Or the Slovenian. Or the Slovakian. Or the Croatian.
My experience might save you $50.
A snarky one at that.
You don't need a supercomputer for machine learning. You don't need "the cloud". Small neural networks are picking up speed, and they have a long way to…
The insane risks these people take. Someone give them a VPN before they get Snowdened! Cheer up, it's not all negative, negativity is banned from this…
Using film from U.S. spy balloons to take pictures of the Moon